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optical link for high speed CAN-signals with up to 10Mbit/s (max. 20m fiber)
Optional available external power supplies — prices on request:
BP60-5f (4Ah shielded battery pack to power optical device inside ALC) OR
BP60-5f/10Ah (10Ah shielded battery pack to power optical device inside ALC)
SC-30-5m5m (shielded connection cable)
PS75-5m (standard non shielded wall plug power supply to be used outside
optoCAN-FD 1.1 2 Transceiver
optical transceiver for high-speed-CAN
CAN-interface: max. 10MBit/s (up to 20m optical fiber)
CAN-transceiver: TJA1044GT
CAN-choke: B82789C0513N002, 51uH (others on request)
CAN-connector: SUB-D9
optical connector: FSMA
shielded metal housing with integrated NiMH batteries, 5-pole female charge
plug, prepared for external supply; documentation
LWL-2 1.2 1 b20
Duplex optical fiber (62,5/125µm), length up to 20m, FSMA-FSMA
Please name requested length in purchase order!
standard plug-in charger (e.g. Friwo)
number of cells: 4 .. 10 NiMH/NiCd cells up to 5Ah
AC-input: 100-240V
charge current: 600-800mA
charge connector: 5 pole male
AC-plug: Type C — Europe
external 1.4 1 CAN-HS/FD protector — termination 120Ohm (metal)
to be used for EMS/EME-testing
metal housing with connection plate enables GND connection if wanted/needed

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